About the Neuroscience Program

Like the Foundation's Biology of Aging Scholars program, the Neuroscience Scholars program was designed to provide researchers with the support and resources to develop innovative research programs aimed at gaining insight into the fundamental molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie normal biological function, and when dysfunctional, lead to illness.

The Ellison Medical Foundation was established by Lawrence J. Ellison to address critical unmet needs in the funding of basic biomedical research. In particular, the Foundation has sought to provide funding to stimulate innovative, creative research that might not be funded by traditional sources or that has been neglected by existing U.S. research funding programs.  The EMF Scientific Advisory Board held a series of focused workshops to identify topics in fundamental Neuroscience research with potential for significant scientific progress and yet the research funding to support that progress is inadequate. As a result of that review, the SAB chose an initial focus for the Neuroscience Scholars program on the "Neuroscience of Aggressive Behavior". The goal of this program is to stimulate and nurture innovative research that seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the neurobiological basis of aggression and related behaviors, and of the environmental and genetic factors that contribute to violence and anti-social disorders.

In August 2013, the Foundation's Board of Directors announced that no new applications will be accepted for New or Senior Scholar awards in Aging, Neuroscience or other biomedical research topics.  All currently funded grants will continue subject to the terms and conditions established in the original award agreement between the Foundation and the grantee institution.

Senior Scholar in Neuroscience Awards