Lifespan Extension via Dietary Restriction: Mechanisms Controlling Translation

2013 new Scholar Award in aging

Dietary restriction increases lifespan and slows aging-related decline in health across species. Altered control of gene expression at the level of protein synthesis has emerged as an important but ill-defined player in this process. The importance of understanding the connection between longevity and control of protein synthesis is highlighted by the fact that deregulation of protein synthesis is common among age-related diseases such as diabetes, neurodegeneration, and cancer. In order to understand this connection, this project employs state-of-the-art methods to address global changes in protein synthesis under dietary restriction to determine possible mechanisms that control these changes. Targeting mechanisms that control protein synthesis for therapeutic applications holds the potential to increase longevity and ameliorate diminishing health associated with aging.

Aric Rogers Ph.D.
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory