Richard A. Flavell Ph.D. and Ruslan Medzhitov Ph.D. receive 2013 Vilcek Prize in Biomedical Research

Richard A. Flavell and Ruslan Medzhitov (Both Professors at Yale University School of Medicine, Investigators of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Ellison Medical Foundation Senior Scholars in Global Infectious Disease in 2003 and 2004, respectively), were honored with the 2013 Vilcek Prize for Biomedical Science. Drs. Flavell and Medzhitov were recognized for their work in the field of immunology, most notably for their contribution to the understanding of the innate immune system, the host defense system that detects hostile pathogens in the body and triggers a response from the adaptive immune system. The Vilcek Prizes are given to honor and publicize the accomplishments of foreign-born scientists and artists who make lasting contributions to society in the United States through extraordinary achievement in biomedical research or in arts and letters. Two prizes are awarded each year, one in biomedical research and one in a selected field of arts or humanities. For further information see: