Ellison Medical Foundation Senior Scholars in Aging for 2012

The Ellison Medical Foundation is pleased to announce the Senior Scholar Awardees in Aging for 2012. They are:

Shawn Ahmed, Ph.D.
The University of North Carolina
Novel pathways that promote germ cell immortality
Jayakrishna Ambati, M.D.
University of Kentucky
Somatic retrotransposition as a driver of aging
Victor Ambros, Ph.D.
University of Massachusetts Medical School
MicroRNA pathways and stress resistance in C. elegans
Angelika Amon, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rejuvenation mechanisms during germ cell formation.
Steven Burden, Ph.D.
NYU Medical School
Mechanisms for maintaining neuromuscular synapses and preventing sarocopenia
Elaine Fuchs, Ph.D.
The Rockefeller University
Dissecting the Molecular Effects of Aging on Skin Stem Cells
Richard Goodman, M.D., Ph.D.
Gary Westbrook, M.D. (co-PIs)
Oregon Health and Science University

Adult newborn hippocampal neurons: effects of aging and exercise
Iva Greenwald, Ph.D.
Columbia University
Regulation of B-Raf signaling by the ubiquitin ligase Fbw7: implications for aging, protein homeostasis, and cancer
Bruce Hay, Ph.D.
California Institute of Technology
Ming Guo, Ph.D. (co-PIs)
University of California at Los Angeles

Mitochondrial DNA quality control and aging: promoting selective removal of mutant mitochondrial genomes
Brigid Hogan, Ph.D.
Duke University
Alveolar epithelial stem cells and the aging lung
Aurthur Horwich, M.D.
Yale University School of Medicine
Lipofuscin production in motor neurons of normal and ALS mice
Jean-Pierre Issa, M.D.
Temple University
Epigenetic Drift as a Modifier of Lifespan
Brian Kennedy, Ph.D.
Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Enhanced longevity associated with altered ribosome function
Richard Mann, Ph.D.
Columbia University
The decline of motor coordination during aging
Brendan Manning, Ph.D.
Harvard School of Public Health
Determining the genetic and metabolic relationship between the major longevity pathways in mammals
Bradley Olwin, Ph.D.
University of Colorado at Boulder
Reprogramming Muscle Stem Cells to Resist Aging
Mark Ptashne, M.D., Ph.D.
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Chromatin Architecture and Gene Regulation in Aging Cells
Leona Samson, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNA Base Excision Repair, Parp1, Tissue Degeneration and Aging
Mark Schnitzer, Ph.D.
Stanford University
Visualizing forgetful neurons: A first study on the long-term stability and instability of cellular representations of spatial memory in aged brains
Amita Sehgal, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania
Contribution of impaired circadian physiology to aging
Yang Shi, Ph.D.
Children’s Hospital Boston
The molecular mechanisms of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of longevity
Susan Strome, Ph.D.
University of California, Santa Cruz
Elucidating the mechanism of lifespan extension following somatic acquisition of germ cell traits in C. elegans
Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Ph.D.
The Rockefeller University
Elucidating the role of pathogenic tau in neurodegeneration using neurons generated from patient-derived stem cells
David Toczyski, Ph.D.
University of California at San Francisco
Connections between the DNA damage checkpoint pathway, metabolism and aging
Yixian Zheng, Ph.D.
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Investigate the cause and effect of aging-associated lamin-B loss on chronic inflammation and lifespan