George Martin, M.D. receives Dart/NYU Biotechnology Achievement Award

Dr. George Martin (Professor of Pathology Emeritus (active) at the University of Washington, and Chair of The Ellison Medical Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board) was honored with one of three 2011 Dart/NYU Biotechnology Achievement Awards for “defining molecular targets in aging and Alzheimer’s disease.” Other awardees were Drs. Shirley Tilghman (Professor of Biology and President of Princeton University) for her work on genomic imprinting and epigenetics; and Paul Aisen (University of California at San Diego) for his work translating basic science research into clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease. The awards recognize the role of pure science in the development of pharmaceuticals, and particularly honor those scientists whose work has led to major advances to improve care at the patient’s bedside. The presentations of the awards were made at a special symposium at the NYU School of Medicine on April 11, 2011. The symposium was chaired by Dr. Gerald Weissmann, Research Professor of Medicine in the Division of Rheumatology, Director of the Biotechnology Study Center at NYU and member of The Ellison Medical Foundation Scientific Advisory Board. For further information, see: