International Clinical Research Training Program

2003 Training Scholar Award in Infectious Disease

The Ellison Medical Foundation has pledged up to $1,000,000 over 5 years to help support the Fogarty-Ellison International Clinical Research Training Program for U.S. and Developing Country Students of the Health Sciences. The training program will provide early career opportunities for U.S. medical or nursing students, or other graduate students in the health professions, to participate in a one-year program of mentored clinical research in infectious disease in developing countries. The U.S. student and a student from the host country will be paired to provide peer support and a mutually collaborative learning experience. Training programs will be available in countries such as Botswana, Brazil, Haiti, India, Kenya, Mali, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda, and Zambia. The first annual competition will begin in the fall of 2003 for training that will commence in July of 2004. Applications are due January 6, 2004.
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Gerald T. Keusch M.D.
Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health