Award Mechanisms

The Ellison Medical Foundation supports research and research-related activities through a variety of grants mechanisms. Awards are made only to individual U.S. non-profit institutions [tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and not a private foundation as defined in Section 509(a) of the Code; or tax-exempt under section 170C of the Code]. These institutions may enter into consortium or sub-contractual arrangements with other non-profit organizations, in the U.S. or elsewhere, as necessary to benefit the scientific goals of the project.

The Foundation desires to provide both experienced senior scholars and newly independent scientists the opportunity to pursue innovative research on aging.

Senior Scholars are investigators who are already established and recognized for their substantial contribution of creative and productive research. With the Senior Scholar awards, the Foundation seeks to be complementary to other major funders of research by placing emphasis on projects that might not be supported by the traditional sources because of their perceived novelty or high risk, or because the investigator is moving into a new research area. Scholars are provided with four years of support to collect sufficient preliminary data to validate the concept and garner subsequent support from traditional funders or, alternatively, to disprove a hypothesis.

New Scholars are investigators who are recommended by U.S. medical institutions and universities for their outstanding promise in biomedical research. With the New Scholar awards, the intent of the foundation is to provide support for newly independent investigators beginning in the first 3 years after their postdoctoral training, when they are establishing their own labs and their careers are at a vulnerable stage. These awards contribute to a safety net that allows bright young scientists to staff their laboratories, collect preliminary data, and organize research programs of sufficient momentum to obtain ongoing support from other sources.

Support is also provided on a competitive basis for conferences and workshops for dissemination of information relevant to research areas of Foundation interest. The expectation is that this sharing of knowledge will expand the scientific pool of researchers and benefit the scientific community as a whole.

Infrastructure Awards support the establishment of community-wide resources that will benefit a broad segment of researchers in the areas of programmatic interest to the Foundation. Examples include the development of reagent repositories, scientific databases, new model systems, or new experimental methodologies. Although nonrenewable, these awards provide an opportunity to develop and implement a new resource; ongoing long-term support, if required, must be identified from other funding sources. In order to maximize the number of research grants given to individual investigators, the Foundation is not currently accepting unsolicited proposals for infrastructure awards.

Training Awards: The Foundation supports a limited number of institutional training programs, through universities, professional societies, government institutions, or other non-profit organizations by invitation only. These programs are intended to reach younger scientists, still in graduate or post-doctoral training, to nurture their interest in developing careers in aging research.

The Ellison Medical Foundation does not support:

  • Awards to for-profit/commercial organizations
  • Awards directly to foreign institutions
  • Awards to individuals for research, travel, or other purposes
  • Individual training fellowships at the graduate or post-graduate level, including sabbatical fellowships
  • Clinical trials
  • Development programs that benefit individual institutions (such as new construction or facility upgrades, or staff recruitment)
  • Healthcare delivery