Awards by Topic

[field_lastname_value] — Mechanisms for maintaining neuromuscular synapses and preventing sarocopenia
[field_lastname_value] — Proteomic analysis of lifespan extension due to dietary restriction or TOR inhibition
[field_lastname_value] — Identification of the neural substrates of genetic and environmental influences on aggression in mice
[field_lastname_value] — Adult newborn hippocampal neurons: effects of aging and exercise
[field_lastname_value] — Reprogramming Muscle Stem Cells to Resist Aging
[field_lastname_value] — Genomic architecture of germline-soma feedbacks during aging
[field_lastname_value] — 2012 Keystone Symposium on "Sirtuins in Metabolism, Aging, and Disease"
[field_lastname_value] — Investigate the cause and effect of aging-associated lamin-B loss on chronic inflammation and lifespan
[field_lastname_value] — Small-molecule cues that control development, metabolism, and lifespan in C. elegans
[field_lastname_value] — 11th International Symposium on Neurobiology and Neuroendocrinology of Aging