Awards by Topic

[field_lastname_value] — Sensory-initiated approach to identify, map, and study the relevant neurons in the brain that promote aggression
[field_lastname_value] — Identification of the neural substrates of genetic and environmental influences on aggression in mice
[field_lastname_value] — Dissecting the molecular and neural control of aggression
[field_lastname_value] — The effect of social context on decision-making
[field_lastname_value] — Genetic and environmental risk factors for violent criminal behavior: a Swedish national study
[field_lastname_value] — Rejuvenation mechanisms during germ cell formation
[field_lastname_value] — Reversing age related impairments in pattern separation to improve episodic memory formation
[field_lastname_value] — Reprogramming Muscle Stem Cells to Resist Aging
[field_lastname_value] — Enhanced longevity associated with altered ribosome function
[field_lastname_value] — Identification of mechanisms regulating lysosome homeostasis and their role in protecting neurons against aging