Awards by Topic

[field_lastname_value] — Study the regulation of HSC maintenance and aging by longevity pathways
[field_lastname_value] — Lifespan Extension via Dietary Restriction: Mechanisms Controlling Translation
[field_lastname_value] — Multigenic analysis of aging markers in C. elegans using directed evolution.
[field_lastname_value] — 2013 Keystone Symposium on "Genomic Instability and DNA Repair"
[field_lastname_value] — FASEB Summer Research Conference on "Basic Origins and Medical Consequences of Protein Aggregation"
[field_lastname_value] — 2013 Gordon Research Conference on "Oxidative Stress and Disease"
[field_lastname_value] — Epigenetic Drift as a Modifier of Lifespan
[field_lastname_value] — Molecular Basis of Oligodendrocyte Vulnerabilty and Impaired Regeneration with Age
[field_lastname_value] — Investigate the cause and effect of aging-associated lamin-B loss on chronic inflammation and lifespan
[field_lastname_value] — Genetic and environmental risk factors for violent criminal behavior: a Swedish national study